Raw Honey – Black Sage 16 oz, 1.5 lb


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Finest Raw Honey from sunny Southern California.

Black Sage honey is the lightest and most translucent from our honeys.

Very pleasant and mild aroma. This honey stays liquid for longest time and is our bestseller

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We pride ourselves for bringing you this Souther California honey of the highest quality.

This is raw honey, unprocessed, unfiltered, unpasteurized, not heated or altered in any way.

Pure, as bees consume it. Its only strained, containing small particles of pollen, propolis and bees wax- all good for your health.

Raw honey contains natural antibiotics and its the best and healthiest sweetener.

Its good not only for consumption but it can be used in face masks, for skin, burns, cuts and wounds as honey disinfects and kills bacteria.

Honey is the only food that never goes bad. Crystallization in time is natural and this process doesn’t alter the quality or diminish the health benefits of the honey. If this occurs, simply place the jar of honey in warm water to bring it back to its natural form.

Never microwave or heat honey to high temperature as this causes the loss to the desirable nutrients.

If used in tea, coffee or other hot drinks, don’t put honey first in the cup and then pour hot liquid over. Add honey at the end, when drink has cooled enough so you can drink it.

In this way all the nutrients will be preserved.

Specific aroma and color of the honey are determined by the flower source.

Our beekeepers love and respect the bees and collect honey from different local areas to provide you with a wide variety of aromas.

We are involved in rescuing and removing bee hives from homes and dwelling and like to educate adults and kids through various programs and talks about the importance of bees and honey bee products.

Do not give honey or honey products to infants under one year old as they have not developed yet the enzymes necessary to digest honey.

We know you will enjoy this honey. May every day in your life be like a honeymoon.

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